AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate

At SBB, for some workload we are leveraging the wonderful capabilities of Amazon Web Services. As a result, I have been working a lot more with AWS for the past few months and have decided to go for the SysOps certification. So here we go, I am now an “AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate”:

While some AWS services are not perfect, I enjoy it very much to work with such a great platform. I am even thinking about getting more AWS certifications :).

I’ll be away for a moment

From May 2016 to May 2017, I will be traveling a lot. As a result of that, there will be no new updates during this period on this blog. However, if you want to get in touch with me, you can reach me via e-mail (see “About” page).

I am looking forward to updating this blog again soon.

All the best,

Update 30. April 2017: I am back and looking forward to more blog posts!

Oracle introduces Recertification

So today I was disappointed to read that Oracle introduced a recertification requirement for the Oracle Database Administrator certificates:

The Oracle Certification Program is implementing a recertification requirement for our Oracle Database Administration credentials.
This new policy requires you as an Oracle Database credential holder to demonstrate your currency with the most recent trends, techniques and best practices in Oracle Database technology.

More details can be found on the new website for these new requirements.

Recertification, really? And probably you’ll then proceed to tell me that I need to attend an Oracle University course to upgrade my certification to a newer release, yeah? This is bullshit…

Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Professional

I am happy to report that I finished my Oracle Certified Professional certification this Monday by taking the “1Z0-053 Oracle Database 11g: Administration II” exam. So officially, I am now a “Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Professional”.

Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Professional

While this certificate is certainly nice to have, I still think that there are many topics of Oracle Database that I still have to explore. So stay tuned for more insights in this blog :).

Freitag Dragnet Review: After one year

About one year ago, I posted my initial review of my Freitag Dragnet bag. Since then, this post has been one of the most successful posts of my site. So here comes the follow-up post with some of my thoughts after one year of usage.

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Review of Pension Tara in Prague

This week, I visited Prague for a few days together with my colleagues from school. So now, I want to write a quick review of the hotel we chose. Since we were 20 young people, we did not need a fancy hotel, just a place to sleep and meet. Through a recommendation, we then chose the Pension Tara as our accommodation for the stay.

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CAE Exams

I am pleased to report that I passed the Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English with the Grade “A”. Of course I am very pleased with the results and Cambridge states that:

Grade A, which demonstrates an ability at Council of Europe Level C2

Result of the CAE Exams

Nonetheless, I hope to improve my language skills even further and hopefully get more proficient with the English language. But of course, this certificate is also a good way to show my proficiency in English to any employer that might come along…


As a part of my higher education entrance qualification (“Berufsmaturität”), all students have to realise a project called the “interdisciplinary project work” (“Interdisziplinäre Projektarbeit, IdPA”). Since this is a technical school, some of us chose “Information Technology” as our optional subject during the last year of the qualification.

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