Freitag Dragnet Review: After one year

About one year ago, I posted my initial review of my Freitag Dragnet bag. Since then, this post has been one of the most successful posts of my site. So here comes the follow-up post with some of my thoughts after one year of usage.

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CAE Exams

I am pleased to report that I passed the Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English with the Grade “A”. Of course I am very pleased with the results and Cambridge states that:

Grade A, which demonstrates an ability at Council of Europe Level C2

Result of the CAE Exams

Nonetheless, I hope to improve my language skills even further and hopefully get more proficient with the English language. But of course, this certificate is also a good way to show my proficiency in English to any employer that might come along…

Review Freitag Dragnet

This is a bit of an unusual review since I am reviewing… a bag! I could not find any other review of the bag mentioned here on the internet, so here it goes…

Update: For more images, recommendations and a report after one year of usage, see my follow-up.

Since my old laptop bag I used for work and school was a bit beaten up, I looked for a new bag for daily usage. I then came across the Freitag website. Freitag fabricates bags made from used truck tarps, safety belts and bicycle inner tubes. A friend of mine already had a Freitag bag and I decided to order a bag for myself. Now I only had to decide which one it was going to be.
My requirements where simple:

  • Rugged, rain-proof
  • Big enough for schoolbooks and papers
  • A 15″ laptop fits inside

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On minimalism

I like minimalism.

I like minimalistic websites. From the beginning on I wanted a simple and minimalistic appearance for my own website, without heavy images or many colours embedded in the theme. So I built this WordPress theme from scratch using the minimal templates from I then took inspiration from other websites like or and forged my own little theme. The whole theme has a size of only 18.9kB including all images and theme files.

I like to read blogs about minimalism and the minimalistic lifestyle such as or I am often impressed how one can live in a minimalistic way. I find the basic ideas behind the minimalistic life quite appealing:

stop doing the non-essential.

Command Line
I like the simplicity of a *NIX command line interface (CLI) and how much you can accomplish by just using the command line. Luckily, in my daily job I am able to do quite a few things in a command line. What I often find a bit hindering is the steep learning curve most command line interfaces have (I am thinking of Cisco’s IOS for example). But once you have gotten your feet wet and know your way around the basic tools, the command line interface is a mighty tool.

Sadly, translated into German, the expression “Minimalist” is often considered negative and describes a person that will only do the minimal amount of work necessary.

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Thank you, very kind. Let’s see what we have here…

Today I finally received the credentials for my new rootserver from HostEurope. So far everything went well and quickly I was able to set up a webserver.

So far, so good. I am going to post some more content in the following days.