On minimalism

I like minimalism.

I like minimalistic websites. From the beginning on I wanted a simple and minimalistic appearance for my own website, without heavy images or many colours embedded in the theme. So I built this WordPress theme from scratch using the minimal templates from codex.wordpress.org. I then took inspiration from other websites like nzz.ch or codinghorror.com and forged my own little theme. The whole theme has a size of only 18.9kB including all images and theme files.

I like to read blogs about minimalism and the minimalistic lifestyle such as mnmlist.com or zenhabits.net. I am often impressed how one can live in a minimalistic way. I find the basic ideas behind the minimalistic life quite appealing:

stop doing the non-essential.

Command Line
I like the simplicity of a *NIX command line interface (CLI) and how much you can accomplish by just using the command line. Luckily, in my daily job I am able to do quite a few things in a command line. What I often find a bit hindering is the steep learning curve most command line interfaces have (I am thinking of Cisco’s IOS for example). But once you have gotten your feet wet and know your way around the basic tools, the command line interface is a mighty tool.

Sadly, translated into German, the expression “Minimalist” is often considered negative and describes a person that will only do the minimal amount of work necessary.