I love working with Open Source software and contribute to various projects myself. Below, you can find a few projects that I have participated on.

Container Images

As part of my work as a Technical Account Manager at Red Hat, I work with OpenShift every day. Especially for troubleshooting and testing things, I have created a few helpful container images that are also available on Docker Hub:

Cloud Self-Service Portal

At SBB, we operated large OpenShift clusters and AWS resources for the worlds densest railway network. Many of these resources can internally be ordered using a self-service portal, which we have made public on GitHub. For example, the self-service portal allows you to provision OpenShift projects and quotas or Amazon S3 buckets.

Java Service Wrapper for 64-bit Windows

In my opinion, the Tanuki Java Service Wrapper is the best Java wrapper out there. Sadly, Tanuki does not provide the binary files for their Java Service Wrapper for Windows x64. But since the wrapper is released under the GPL, the source files are available, so I choose to regularly compile the wrapper binaries myself and provide them on my website.

MySQL 8 Recipes

I am the author of the MySQL 8 Recipes video course by Packt Publishing. This video course contains simple recipes to work with the latest version of the MySQL database. The course is geared towards database administrators and programmers that want to work with MySQL 8.

Open Source contributions

I have contributed minor work to various Open Source projects, here are the better known ones:

Cluster SQL*Plus (csqlplus)

Cluster SQL*Plus is a BASH script to query multiple Oracle databases in large environments. It functions as a wrapper for Oracle SQL*Plus to make working with multiple databases easier. It allows you to manage large environments and can be used to generate reports, automate queries over many databases or just to screw around on multiple databases at once.

University repositories

For my studies in Computer Science, I like to keep my scripts and code in a repository. Since my notes and my code could also be of help for other students, I chose to make them publicly available on GitHub. Here some of the lectures (German):