New Instance or New Schema?

So when it comes to deploying a new application there is always the question if you should create a new instance on the database server or use the existing instance and just add a new schema? These both are valid options, but lets have a look at both options.

Lets assume you already have one instance running one application, now you need to provide a new database to a user. So depending on the application, you have the choice of creating a new instance for this specific new application or to use an existing database instance and just creating a new schema.

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ZFS vs. Hardware RAID (RAID 10)

As I am currently fiddling around with Oracle Solaris and the related technologies, I wanted to see how the ZFS file system compares to a hardware RAID Controller. The ZFS file system allows you to configure different RAID levels such as RAID 0, 1, 10, 5, 6. In this post, I want to test the RAID 10 performance of ZFS against the performance with the HP RAID Controller (also in a RAID 10 configuration) over 4 disks.

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Hello world

My name is Simon Krenger, I am a Technical Account Manager (TAM) at Red Hat. I advise our customers in using Kubernetes, Containers, Linux and Open Source.


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