Enable instant loading in Chrome 8

Because of its minimalistic interface and blazing speed, I am a big fan of Google Chrome. I am using the Developer channel version to get early access to the latest features such as the integrated PDF viewer or GPU acceleration. You can find more information on how to install this version here.

Another nice feature added with the latest version (8.0.552.0 dev as of this writing) is the “Instant” feature. It is basically Google Instant for your browser and greatly accelerates your browsing experience. This Instant feature loads the pages as you are typing in the URL bar of your browser. This means as soon as you see the correct page displayed (while typing), hit Enter and you are already there. Nice!

To enable this great feature, visit about:labs in your browser and enable the “Instant” feature. Note that you need at least version 8 to do so. Then restart your Chrome and try it by typing in the URL bar.

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