Review Freitag Dragnet

This is a bit of an unusual review since I am reviewing… a bag! I could not find any other review of the bag mentioned here on the internet, so here it goes…

Update: For more images, recommendations and a report after one year of usage, see my follow-up.

Since my old laptop bag I used for work and school was a bit beaten up, I looked for a new bag for daily usage. I then came across the Freitag website. Freitag fabricates bags made from used truck tarps, safety belts and bicycle inner tubes. A friend of mine already had a Freitag bag and I decided to order a bag for myself. Now I only had to decide which one it was going to be.
My requirements where simple:

  • Rugged, rain-proof
  • Big enough for schoolbooks and papers
  • A 15″ laptop fits inside

So I basically had the choice between the “Dragnet”, “Top Cat”, “Joe” and “Rex”. As you probably already read in the title, I chose a “Dragnet” bag, simply because Freitag states:

Which is the best bag for school (ring binder)?
If you look for a school bag, we recommend our Dragnet (F12). The Dragnet fits 1-2 ring binders.

After choosing my personal Dragnet, it was delivered within 2 days. So here are my first impressions…

As you can see from these pictures, it easily fits my school stuff PLUS a 15″ laptop that I usually don’t have with me. I can also take both laptops and two books (a large one and a small one) with me. In addition to that, the bag features a small pocket on the outside. Inside, there is only a small compartment for loose papers and the like. The straps are broad and could be used without the optional shoulder-pad, although I didn’t try this. Because I was worried that the strap would dig into my shoulder, I ordered the optional shoulder-pad (visible in picture one).

The quality of the material is as you expect it from a bag with this price tag. Though it smelled quite strong in the first few days, I either got used to the odor or it partially disappeared. One detail I noticed: The velcro strips make quite a noise when you open the bag, so everyone around you knows you just opened your bag. Careful with sleeping commuters in the morning train :)

Conclusion: So far, I am pleased with the bag, it is certainly worth the money. I will have to see how it performs when I use it in the next few weeks.

Afterthought: When browsing through the Freitag website, I stumbled upon the Freitag 15″ Mac Sleeve. It is basically a 15″ laptop sleeve also made from used truck tarps. Very nice I thought, but then my eyes came across the price tag: 90 CHF(!). That’s a bit “optimistic” for a sleeve, but maybe it’s just me…

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