10GbE in the DeskMini X300

As my little home server I have an Asrock DeskMini X300 with an AMD Ryzen 7 5700G (16 cores) and 64GB of memory. A nice low powered home server to play around with. Out of the box, the DeskMini comes with one 1 Gbit network interface (a Realtek chipset). Since most of my devices are connected via WiFi anyway, this was more than enough until now. But then, modernity arrived in my part of the world and we now have 10Gbit fiber internet, great!

10Gbit internet sounds awesome, however devices connected via WiFi will only ever see a real-world maximum of around 700 Mbits/sec via WiFi 6. But maybe my little DeskMini could use all that 10Gbit? Unfortunately, the DeskMini motherboard does not have any of the usual PCIe expansion slots apart from SATA and M.2 slots. So I decided to try the IOCREST M.2 to Single 10G Ethernet Network Adapter (IO-M2F107-GLAN)” adapter (AliExpress link here), to see if that would work.

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