Presentation at Open Source Workshop Deutsche Bahn

On the 28th of November, me and my colleagues from SBB had the honor of speaking at the Open Source Workshop at Deutsche Bahn in Frankfurt.

Deutsche Bahn (the German counterpart to SBB, where I currently work) is looking to invest more in Open Source technology and also container platforms. This is why they are holding a yearly Open Source Workshop. Me and my colleagues from SBB are big supporters of Open Source software (SBB has lots of stuff on GitHub) and we also participate in the OpenShift Container Platform Community Switzerland (also on GitHub).

So in our presentation, we mainly talked about operating OpenShift at scale, our Open Source tools and why we participate in Open Source software. You can find more information on Twitter. We had a lot of fun and are looking forward to joining Deutsche Bahn again next year – if we are invited ;).

Oracle example schema for MySQL

Anyone who has worked with Oracle has encountered the Oracle “hr” schema in one way or another. The Oracle example schema provides a few simple tables with example data to test out some queries or learn SQL.

So when working with MySQL, I like to have the same schema as well. Luckily, Andrei Ciobanu feels the same way and he provides a wonderful adaptation of this sample schema for MySQL on his website: HR Schema for MySQL and Maria DB.

The SQL script for the schema can be found on GitHub: nomemory/hr-schema-mysql (or in my fork: simonkrenger/hr-schema-mysql).

Thank you Andrei!

Hello world

My name is Simon Krenger, I am a Technical Account Manager (TAM) at Red Hat. I advise our customers in using Kubernetes, Containers, Linux and Open Source.


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