“ORA-38342: heat map not enabled” on Oracle

As with all the new features that Oracle 12c brings us, we want to test them out! So one of the lesser known features in the new release is the Automatic Data Optimization with the Heat Map mechanism. Oracle describes the feature in a White Paper:

Heat Map is a new feature in Oracle Database 12c that automatically tracks usage information at the row and segment levels. Data modification times are tracked at the row level and aggregated to the block level, and modification times, full table scan times, and index lookup times are tracked at the segment level. Heat Map gives you a detailed view of how your data is being accessed, and how access patterns are changing over time. Programmatic access to Heat Map data is available through a set of PL/SQL table functions, as well as through data dictionary views.

Sounds great, how can we use it? It turns out, that is relatively easy, all you have to do is to set the HEAT_MAP parameter to “ON” (source) and add an ILM policy to your table:

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