Tiny Tiny RSS / MySQL: Problems with UTF8 Emojis

Since Google shut down its Reader service, I am a regular user of the Tiny Tiny RSS reader. Having my own RSS reader installation gives me more power regarding my privacy and the services I am using. Consider me a happy user.

However, there are some issued regarding full UTF8 support when using MySQL. When a feed uses UTF8 emoijs, tt-rss will throw up and report an error. Unfortunately, this only manifests itself with log entries like this:

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Linux: pstree formatting

Today one of our developers came to me to discuss a problem and I wanted to show him something on one of our Linux machines. To check a process, I ran pstree and noticed that the formatting of the output was all wrong:

simon@atlas:~$ pstree
     â      ââsshdâââbashâââpstree
     â      ââsshdâââsshdâââsh

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