Target Types in Oracle EM Cloud Control 12c

So often when issuing a emctl (Enterprise Manager Command Line Utility) command, one needs to specify a target type. This is often the case when the command affects a certain target (for example emctl reload agent dynamicproperties ...).

The most often used target types are the following:

  • oracle_database (Oracle Instance)
  • oracle_emd (Agent)
  • host (Host Machine)

However, there are a lot of other target types available. We can get all available target types for Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c if we query the SYSMAN.EM_TARGET_TYPES table in the Enterprise manager repository:

aggregate_service Aggregate Service
apm_ba_service Business Application
asm_diskgroup_component ASM Disk Group Component
bea_alsb Oracle Service Bus
casm_diskgroup_component Cluster ASM Disk Group Component
cloud_resource_provider Cloud Resource Provider
cloud_service Cloud Service
cluster Cluster
composite Group
composite_application_system Oracle Composite Application
coreid_access_sys Access Manager – Access System
coreid_identity_sys Access Manager – Identity System
exa_rack Exalogic Rack
exalogic_control Exalogic Control System
exalogic_system Exalogic Elastic Cloud
exalytics_machine Exalytics Machine
exalytics_system Exalytics System
formsapp formsapp
gds_cloud Global Data Services
gds_gsm Global Service Manager
gds_pool Global Data Services Pool
generic_apache Apache HTTP Server
generic_idm_system Identity and Access System
generic_redundancy_group Redundancy Group
generic_service Generic Service
generic_system Generic System
glassfish_cluster Oracle GlassFish Cluster
glassfish_domain Oracle GlassFish Domain
glassfish_j2eeserver Oracle GlassFish Server
has Oracle High Availability Service
host Host
host_group Host Group
j2ee_application Application Deployment
j2ee_application_cluster Clustered Application Deployment
j2ee_application_domain Domain Application Deployment
java_virtual_machine Java Virtual Machine
java_virtual_machine_alltargets JVM Pools
java_virtual_machine_pool Java Virtual Machine Pool
jboss_domain Fusion Middleware JBoss J2ee Domain
jboss_j2eeserver JBoss Application Server
jboss_partition JBoss Partition
jee_webservice JEE Web Service
jrf_webservice Oracle Infrastructure Web Service
jvm JVM
metadata_repository Metadata Repository
netapp_filer Network Appliance Filer
oc4j OC4J
oc4j_cluster OC4J Cluster
oc4jjvm OC4J JVM
oracle_activitygraph Activity Graph
oracle_analytics Analytics
oracle_apache Oracle HTTP Server
oracle_apache_cluster HTTP Server Cluster
oracle_apm Oracle Authorization Policy Manager
oracle_application Oracle Application
oracle_apps_system Oracle Apps
oracle_bc4j ADF Business Components for Java
oracle_beacon Beacon
oracle_bi_ans Oracle BI Analytics Server (10g)
oracle_bi_cc Oracle BI Cluster Controller (10g)
oracle_bi_cluster_controller Oracle BI Cluster Controller
oracle_bi_dac Oracle BI DAC Server
oracle_bi_instance Oracle BI Instance
oracle_bi_java_host Oracle BI JavaHost
oracle_bi_presentation_services Oracle BI Presentation Server
oracle_bi_ps Oracle BI Presentation Server (10g)
oracle_bi_sch Oracle BI Scheduler (10g)
oracle_bi_scheduler Oracle BI Scheduler
oracle_bi_server Oracle BI Server
oracle_bi_suite Oracle BI Suite EE
oracle_bi_web OracleBI Web Plug-in
oracle_bpelprocess Oracle BPEL PRocess
oracle_btm_sphere BTM Sphere Engine
oracle_btm_sys BTM System
oracle_camm_manager OCAMM Manager
oracle_cef Connector Extension Framework
oracle_cef_cluster Connector Extension Framework Cluster
oracle_cloud Oracle Cloud
oracle_coherence Oracle Coherence Cluster
oracle_coherence_cache Oracle Coherence Cache
oracle_coherence_node Oracle Coherence Node
oracle_coreid_access_server Access Manager – Access Server
oracle_coreid_identity_server Access Manager – Identity Server
oracle_csa_collector CSA Collector
oracle_das Delegated Administration Services
oracle_das_server Delegated Administration Server
oracle_database Database Instance
oracle_database_group Database Group
oracle_dbmachine Oracle Database Machine
oracle_dbsvc Schema Service
oracle_dbsys Database System
oracle_discussion Discussion
oracle_dsee Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition Server
oracle_dsee_ent Directory Server Enterprise
oracle_dsee_grp Directory Server Enterprise Group
oracle_em_service EM Service
oracle_emd Agent
oracle_emd_proxy Agent proxy
oracle_emrep OMS and Repository
oracle_emsvrs_sys EM Servers System
oracle_ep_service Service Entry Point
oracle_eps Directory Integration Platform
oracle_eps_server Directory Integration Platform Server
oracle_essbase Essbase Server
oracle_essbaseapp Essbase Application
oracle_exa_cisco_switch Oracle Engineered System Cisco Switch
oracle_exa_ilom Oracle Engineered System ILOM Server
oracle_exa_kvm Oracle Exadata KVM
oracle_exa_pdu Oracle Engineered System PDU
oracle_exadata Oracle Exadata Storage Server
oracle_exadata_dbsys Oracle Database Exadata Storage Server System
oracle_exadata_grid Oracle Exadata Storage Server Grid
oracle_federation Identity Federation Server
oracle_federation_sys Identity Federation System
oracle_forms Forms
oracle_home Oracle Home
oracle_ias Oracle Application Server
oracle_ias_cluster Oracle Application Server Cluster
oracle_ias_farm Oracle Fusion Middleware Farm
oracle_ias_jmx_cluster Oracle Application Server 10.1.3 Cluster
oracle_ibnetwork Oracle Infiniband Network
oracle_ibswitch Oracle Infiniband Switch
oracle_idm Identity Management
oracle_idm_repos Identity Manager Repository
oracle_idm_server Identity Manager Server
oracle_idm_system Identity Manager System
oracle_integrationbpm Oracle BPEL Process Manager
oracle_irm Oracle Information Rights Management
oracle_jserv JServ
oracle_ldap Oracle Internet Directory
oracle_listener Listener
oracle_oaam Oracle Adaptive Access Manager
oracle_oaam_cluster Oracle Adaptive Access Manager Cluster
oracle_oam Oracle Access Management Server
oracle_oam_cluster Oracle Access Management Cluster
oracle_odi_j2eeagent ODI Java EE Agent
oracle_odi_standaloneagent ODI Standalone Agent
oracle_oid Internet Directory
oracle_oim Oracle Identity Manager
oracle_oim_cluster Oracle Identity Manager Cluster
oracle_oms Oracle Management Service
oracle_oms_console OMS Console
oracle_oms_pbs OMS Platform
oracle_otd_cluster Traffic Director Configuration
oracle_otd_instance Traffic Director Instance
oracle_ovd Oracle Virtual Directory
oracle_pdb Pluggable Database
oracle_personalization Personalization
oracle_portal Oracle Portal
oracle_portaltools Portlet Producers
oracle_repapp Oracle Reports Application
oracle_repbrd Oracle Reports Bridge
oracle_repserv Oracle Reports Server
oracle_reptools Oracle Reports Tools
oracle_ruei_reporter RUEI Reporter Engine
oracle_ruei_sys RUEI System
oracle_sdpmessagingdriver User Messaging Driver
oracle_sdpmessagingdriver_email Email Driver
oracle_sdpmessagingdriver_proxy Proxy Driver
oracle_sdpmessagingdriver_smpp SMPP Driver
oracle_sdpmessagingdriver_voicexml VoiceXML Driver
oracle_sdpmessagingdriver_worklist Worklist Driver
oracle_sdpmessagingdriver_xmpp XMPP Driver
oracle_sdpmessagingserver User Messaging Service
oracle_soa_composite SOA Composite
oracle_soa_composite_sys Oracle SOA Composite Sys
oracle_soa_folder SOA Partition
oracle_soainfra SOA Infrastructure
oracle_soainfra_cluster Oracle SOA Infra Cluster
oracle_soainfra_sys Oracle SOA Infra Sys
oracle_social Oracle Social Network
oracle_social_cluster Oracle Social Network Application Cluster
oracle_social_instance Oracle Social Network Instance
oracle_sso Single Sign-On
oracle_sso_server Single Sign-On Server
oracle_ucm Oracle Universal Content Management
oracle_webcache Web Cache
oracle_webcenter Oracle WebCenter Portal
osb_business_service OSB Business Service
osb_pipeline OSB Pipeline
osb_proxy_service OSB Proxy Service
osb_server Oracle Secure Backup
osb_splitjoin OSB Split Join
osm_cluster Cluster ASM
osm_instance Automatic Storage Management
osm_ioserver Asm IO Server
osm_proxy Asm Proxy
rac_database Cluster Database
rest_webservice RESTful Web Service
scheduler_service Scheduler Service
scheduler_service_group Scheduler Service Group
soa_composite_component SOA Composite Component
soa_composite_reference SOA Composite Reference
soa_composite_service SOA Composite Service
soainfra_engine SOA Infrastructure Engine
wbem_cimom Wbem CIM Object Manager
webcache_cluster WebCache Cluster
webcenter_portal_app webcenter_portal_app
weblogic_cluster Oracle WebLogic Cluster
weblogic_domain Oracle WebLogic Domain
weblogic_domain_group Oracle WebLogic Domain Group
weblogic_j2eeserver Oracle WebLogic Server
website Web Application
websphere_cell IBM WebSphere Application Server Cell
websphere_cluster IBM WebSphere Application Server Cluster
websphere_j2eeserver IBM WebSphere Application Server
wmq IBM WebSphere MQ Queue Manager
wmq_cluster IBM WebSphere MQ Cluster

Please note that some of these targets may not be available on your system, since the available target types depend on the plugins you have installed.