Mac OS X: Plotting with GNU Octave (libfreetype)

For our courses in linear algebra, we are using the GNU Octave software for numerical computation. Since I am using a MacBook Air for university, I had to install Octave on Mac OS X. I simply followed the steps described here and successfully installed gnuplot and the Octave software package. But when I tried to plot something with Octave, I received the following error message:

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Mac OS X Standard de_CH keymap

For my studies, I bought a MacBook Air with the swiss keyboard layout. The Air is really nice to carry around, since it is light, thin and features a battery that lasts for more than 6 hours of light work (e.g. working in Eclipse).

However, one thing I did not really like was the circumstance, that Apple uses a non-standard keyboard layout for its notebooks. When you are typing letters this will most likely not bother you, but as soon as you start to use special characters (such as []{}~\), you’re in trouble.

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Hello world

My name is Simon Krenger, I am a Technical Account Manager (TAM) at Red Hat. I advise our customers in using Kubernetes, Containers, Linux and Open Source.


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